Limos for Saratoga Springs Racetrack

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Summer Truly Begins in Saratoga on Opening Day at Saratoga Racetrack! Show Up in Style with Charlton Limo

Each year in Saratoga NY, Summer is kicked off with Opening Day at the Saratoga Race Track. The horses. The hats. The roar of the crowd fixated on the finish line! Opening Day has had serious social cachet since the track first opened its gate in 1863, you won’t want to miss it! Don’t get left out of the gates, or miss the opportunity to get dropped off in style for Travers Day. We’re ready to make sure you have an exceptional experience on even the most exciting days at the track this season.

Dealing with the crowds and madness of opening day can really stirrup emotions and ruin the day, but Request Information

Charlton Limousine of Saratoga Springs is here to bale you out! Show up in style and leave the hassles of traffic and parking to us.

When Is Saratoga Race Track’s Opening Day?

Opening Day 2017 is Friday July 21st at Saratoga Racetrack! Another riveting season of racing will begin with flocks of people gathered around the famous oval track to witness some of the best horse racing the northeastern United States offers.

Saratoga 2017 Race Track Schedule

Official Calendar

July 21 – Opening Day

July 22 – Race Day

July 23 – Race Day

July 24 – Race Day

July 26 – Race Day

July 27 – Race Day

July 28 – Race Day

July 29 – Race Day

July 30 – Race Day

July 31 – Race Day

August 2 – Race Day

August 3 – Race Day

August 4 – Race Day

August 5 – Race Day

August 6 – Race Day

August 7 – Race Day

August 9 – Race Day

August 10 – Race Day

August 11 – Race Day

August 12 – Race Day

August 13 – Race Day

August 14 – Race Day

August 16 – Race Day

August 17 – Race Day

August 18 – Race Day

August 19 – Race Day

August 20 – Race Day

August 21 – Race Day

August 23 – Race Day

August 24 – Race Day

August 25 – Race Day

August 26 – Race Day

August 27 – Race Day

August 28 – Race Day

August 30 – Race Day

August 31 – Race Day

September 1 – Race Day

September 2 – Race Day

September 3 – Race Day

September 4 – Closing Day at the Track

The fourth oldest race track in the United States, Saratoga Racetrack has been around for more than 150 years, first opening its gates in 1863 just a month after the Battle of Gettysburg. It is a favorite summer destination for many people from all over the country. From placing bets on the races or at the nearby casino, to enjoying live music, shopping, a huge selection of food, there is something for everyone at the Saratoga Racetrack. Whether you plan to sit in the grandstand or the rail pavilion, there is a lot to take in and enjoy at the track in Saratoga Springs.

But wait, there’s more!  After enjoying a great day of racing at the track, you can keep the celebration going. Saratoga Racetrack is just minutes from downtown Saratoga, where there is an abundance of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops waiting to be explored.

The racetrack season is short, with about 8 weeks of racing action scheduled for the 2017 season. Don’t miss out – plan your trip to Saratoga Racetrack today!

How Are You Getting To The Track?

Whether you’re traveling to the track with some friends, a group of coworkers or your entire extended family, the logistics of getting everyone in your party to the same place at the same time can be stressful. We want to take the stress out of it for you to help make your trip one for the books. With our vast fleet of vehicles, we can provide classy, comfortable, and reliable transportation services for groups of any size.


Let us handle transporting you from point A to point B during your visit to Saratoga. You don’t need to worry about traffic, parking or designating a driver if you decide to indulge while you’re at the track.

  • ​Start your day with breakfast or brunch at the track marveling the impeccable horses as they get their morning workout in on the mist covered track. Charlton Limo will be there bright and early to usher you to a front row seat.
  • Consider a visit to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame located in the near the Saratoga Racetrack. Let our limo staff know if you are interested in a stop at the museum and we will be happy to accommodate. 
  • Don’t be late for post time Charlton Limo will get you and your party back to the track in plenty of time to enjoy a full day of sport and dining. Saratoga Racecourse is the oldest thoroughbred race track in the United States. Let us chauffeur you to the historic track that still maintains its old-time charm.  ​  
  • After the races, your limo will usher you back to your night time  accommodations in Saratoga Springs or anywhere in the surrounding area. Better yet, let your limo driver awe you with the lively Saratoga Springs nightlife, featuring a huge variety of restaurants, nightclubs, and music just about everywhere you go! We can also help recommend excellent dinner plans for you and your party.